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Companies that pay out consistent dividends indicates that they are financially solid but also their future earning outlook is bright. Those companies are typically committed to award shareholders with rising dividend income stream. As you may know, companies that provides consistent dividends with dividend growth over time have outperformed companies that provides little to no dividends.

Dividend investors are the ones that invest in the companies explained above. They don’t typically make 6 figure salary but consistently save and invest their active income to the companies to grow their passive income as the companies provides the potential for both stable passive income and long-term capital growth. Dividend investing is one of the easiest investment strategies that anyone can learn and luckily the dividend investors typically share their strategies and progress to their readers.

Here is the ultimate list of dividend investor/bloggers that you can learn a great deal of. Not only you can expect to learn how to save, invest and grow your passive income to reach financial independence but also expect to be inspired through their working spirits and determination. I will maintain this listing at a quarterly basis.

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Compilation of dividend growing companies (A.K.A. Dividend Aristocrats)

US- The DRiP Investing Resource Center

Canada- Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement


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