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Interesting… You are here. Can I take it as you like to unleash your absurdity and craziness somewhere in a non-destructive way while making some money?


You are in the right place.



For me… personal finance blogging changed my life in many ways.

-It provides me with space which I can express my feelings and crazy thoughts to and gives me a tool to reflect myself. Most importantly, I can keep my sanity checked while reading my own writings and interacting with readers later on.

-It makes me focus on achieving my family’s various goals of becoming financially independent (and we are getting closer every day)

-It is fun and entertaining while making me and my wife better writers. We really love every process of blogging.

-It provide us with some side income that boosts our net worth.

Advertising pay from google from hard work is really sweet


So let’s talk about how you can start your own blog and start exploring your deep and complicated self in a peaceful way while making some money.


Click here to get discounted pricing from Bluehost and dig in the tutorials below to start your own blog in 30 minutes.


Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies and provides first class reliable services and you can start your own blog with them for the price of a cup of latte a month. You also get free domain with the link.

If you have been around my blog for a while, you know I am a frugal enthusiast so it is fair if you think like


‘Has this Korean guy’s mental gone wild?’


‘Why would he ever pay for blogging when there is free blogging site like blogspot, blogger etc… out there?’


I don’t blame you. You are after all care about your hard earned cash. You are doing great!


However, there are many reasons why you should stay away from the free blogging sites if you are serious about making money and want to have full ownership of your contents. Flexibility, reliability, security, non-restriction on affiliates advertising, direct advertising etc… None of the free blogging sites provide high quality functions like Bluehost does.


So without further ado, Let’s start the process.




How to Start a Successful WordPress Blog in 30 Minutes by using Bluehost

Step 1. Choose your domain name

Domain is basically your website address.

Pick a name aligning with what your site is all about.

I picked BeSmartRich because I realized that there is many smart ways of becoming rich than going to work 9-6 from Monday to Friday until I become 65 and I wanted to share the journey with my readers.

Stick to something easy to remember and keep the name short and concise. Think about Facebook, google, yahoo etc…

Once you have made up your mind, then click this Bluehost link and pick your free domain name with any of their hosting packages.






Step 2. Sign up for hosting

Click get started now.


Then you will be in the following screen.



Pick ‘Basic’ at discounted rate for using my link. Basic is all you will need for a while until your website gets as big as Google and starts taking over the world. I am confident you will eventually but for now hold your horses.


Then enter your domain name


That’s an awesome domain name


Fill out your account info



Pick your package info. Make sure to buy Domain Privacy Protection to remain anonymous. You do not need anything else.



Make a payment then You are in Step 3.





Step 3. Install WordPress


Login to your Bluehost account.



Click Cpanel at top left corner


Scroll down to the Website Section



and select Install WordPress.



Choose the domain name to install it to




Click Install Now.

Step 3 was too easy. Let’s go to Step 4.







Step 4. Login to your website

Go to and this will pop up.

Type your ID and password and you are in! 








Step 5. Find your theme

Let’s make your website look great.

Go to Appearance.

Then Themes.

Shop around. A lot of beautiful themes are free. Pick a theme that fits your website.





Step 6. Install Plugins.

Basically plugins are like smartphone apps that help you manage your website effectively.

Let me go over plugins that I like and use all the time.

  1. Akismet- This is a great security plugin that protect your blog from spams. There are tones of spammers out there and they are very annoying. Akismet will save you from all those annoying spamers.
  2. Google AdSense- Use Google AdSense and other Google tools with your WordPress site so that you can smart making money if your readers click advertisings from your website.
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP- This plugin displays Google Analytics Reports and Real-Time Statistics in your Dashboard. If you want to understand where your readers are from and what articles of yours is popular then this is the plugin you want.
  4. iThemes Security- This will save your website from being hacked. Did I say it right? Yes. Hacked. Tones of hackers out there and they will try their best but with this you are 100 times securer. Make sure to install it.
  5. Jetpack by Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to and to use the powerful features normally only available to users. Pretty awesome plugin. Gotta have this.
  6. MailChimp Forms- This plugin is your reader contact manager. This will send out automatic emails to your readers when your fresh article is available from your website. Very easy to use and highly efficient plugin.
  7. Quick Adsense- Quick Adsense offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post. This saved me so much time putting out ads in my website. I wish I discovered it early.
  8. Yoast SEO- The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. This will make your life so easy and improve your website rankings in google and other search engines. You need it.






Step 7. About me Page

I am sure readers want to know more about who you are, what you are doing and why they want to follow along your journey. Tell people why you started the blog, what your blog is about and where you are headed.






Step 8. Start writing and have fun.

Congratulation. You are officially a blogger in this crazy enough world. This space will be your utopia that you can release your insanity once in a while and talk about anything you like whenever and wherever you want.

Don’t be shy. Let your awesome personality shine. It is your blog and there are people out there who will cheer you up and follow along your journey because they want to read about you. You are their personal heroes of some sorts. It is your personality that will dictate the success of your blog. Don’t be a textbook but just be yourself. It took me a long time but finally my readers finally seem to get my personality I think. 🙂


We sure have fun!





Step 9. Monetize your blog

Once you have sufficient quality contents, you can start monetizing your blog through various tools out there. The more quality contents you put out, the more people will flood into your blog and they will be using some of your services which will help you supplement your income for your efforts. None of them is difficult to follow through so go get them tiger!

1. Google adsense

2. Amazon

3. Ebates

4. Other affiliate links



That’s it. So simple. Creating your superb website within 30 minutes with BlueHost

Any questions? Use the comments section below. 


The blog is compensated if readers click Bluehost links located throughout the content and generate sales for BlueHost.

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