BeSmartRich’s Portfolio update mid-2021

It has been a wonderful 2021 so far.

The baby girl is growing very well and healthy.

The life is little less empty than before with her and my wife.

Work is going okay. Has been very busy but getting more stable recently.

Still working from home spending tones more time with the baby and wife.

I did not miss a thing with the baby growing up thanks to working from home.

Her first word was daddy and second word was mommy. No third word yet.

Still can’t believe her first two words were daddy and mommy. Was it the case for you as well?



The portfolios are doing pretty well in 2021.

After the much higher return than usual in 2020, the results in 2021 have been much better than expected.


Portfolio 1

Our joint non registered account is doing about 75% so far.

Very volatile, it did 90% earlier then it backed down to 35% or so then it recovered to 75%.

Currently almost no margin is utilized here.

The margins will come back when people are fleeing from stock markets.

Still the same expensive disrupters are here that I bought last year and some Canadian stocks like Constellation software and Enghouse still take up some space.


This portfolio is doing about 400% since its inception of Jan 2019.


Portfolio 2

All Canadian portfolio on this one.

So far so good at 22% YTD.

What’s interesting is that it has been back and forth with TSX this year.

Oil, gas, lumber, bank stocks, REIT, utilities and all other value stocks have been performing very well where TSX index is heavy of.

I have been getting my ass handed to TSX index for the first time since investing on my own. Barely winning now this year.

It is highly possible that TSX might beat my ass on this Canadian GARP portfolio in 2021.

Oh well. I have been trash talking about TSX index for many years and this year might prove me wrong.


Portfolio 3

This is both Canadian and USD registered accounts.

So far so good at 36%. Again there were close moments but with help of USD stocks, I was able to distance myself from TSX performance.

S&P500 YTD is at 16% so not so bad so far.

Only thing I did was passively trim and buy around core positions. Probably almost no new position. It is just that sometimes, markets are very hysteric that it overshoots on both directions.


Someone wrote me a long ass email about he wants to beat markets consistently and asked me whether I have any secret recipes.


I think I posted all my recipes over time in this blog.

There is no secret.

It is really about homework, trusting your homework, gut so that you can buy or sell and proper position sizing, patience and luck.

Absorb everything from books, other investors and don’t shun something that hasn’t been comfortable for you.

Always experiment with the money that you are comfortable losing then scale up with more capital as you become more proficient.

Also do not forget the markets is a product of supply and demand.

Learn technical.

Learn to read financials.

Learn to dig everything about the company.

Learn to do 30 mins quick and dirty due diligence before spending hours on it.

Find your niche and your investing style over time. Remember sleeping well is the most important thing. It is a long term game. Don’t over risk.

Be humble. Returns can be very volatile and markets can be unforgiving. Unless you need the money right away, stay cool headed and stay long term invested.

Don’t forget the moment when you manage your own money, you are in far more advantageous position than fund managers.

Only thing that you might lack are smart MBAs and CFAs that work for them, years of experience and money to buy other people’s research.

Everything else works in favour to you.

You are nimble.

You can buy and sell or hold for a long time without flinching.

You can do much deeper dive on stocks.

You can buy microcaps to small caps.

You might notice stocks years before big funds do and return many times over.

You can concentrate your anchor and experiment with the rest of portfolio.

Most of all, you are the owner of your portfolio. No incentives can beat that.

The list is endless. So many advantages.

Now go win some.


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