Flashback 9


It has been a while.

Lots happened with me.


First of all, my new hosting company sucked. My website crashed 3 times last 3-5 months for god knows how long.

Penetrator asked me whether I stopped writing in my blog several months ago and guess what it was crashed for several days!

Then it crashed again 3 weeks ago then 3 days ago.

What the hell!

This crash never happened with Godaddy for last 5 years or so.

Last year, I migrated the whole thing to Namesilo thinking what would be different?

Hosting and domain businesses are basically commodity business. Cheaper the better!

3 crashes. That’s what I get for being cheap here.

Hope you guys did not forget me!

Would I change it back to Godaddy?

No… not because it is more expensive but I don’t want to go through migration process again.

Migration is a quite traumatic process, just as bad as moving.

Now I have developed obsession that I check whether my site is running daily…

Thank you Namesilo for making my life just as miserable as your stock price!



Secondly, I knocked off my wife sometime ago and my baby was born about 2 months ago.

Luckily it is a baby girl. I would have neglected if it was a boy.

Have you as a father developed strong emotional connections with your baby boy?

I don’t think I can be as attached to a boy than to a girl. My brain wasn’t prepared for a boy so I am seriously thanking god.

I always say, things are hectic with me but it is more hectic now.

I have finally built the rhythm but having a baby is no joke but worth it! She is very cute. At least to me!



Thirdly, when there is a good news, there is a bad news.

Well to me it is a terrible news.

My dog passed.

I was walking my dog then out of nowhere a tiny but very aggressive dog on a extendable dog leash rushed at my dog.

The owner (she) was looking at her fucking cellphone when that happened. Who the fuck does that? An aggressive dog on a extendable leash and looking at the fucking cell phone?

I thought nothing happened as my dog avoided the tiny dog and moved quickly to my the other side. After came home and spending time with her and noticed her a drop of blood several hours later.

Infection spread quickly to her heart then she died.

A life gone because of the fucking irresponsible woman.

I am sure the dog and the owner live nearby but my wife and I wanted to let Sandy go in peace so we did not do any further actions other than sending our prayers to her.

Sandy- If you are reading this, I am sorry and we really love you! You were a good girl! See you in heaven!



Covid sucks but there is a good side.

I get to spend my 24/7 with my beautiful wife and cute baby . Nowhere to go anyway.

Hope everyone is feeling safe and all.



Flashback time

I randomly got across my old posts today and figured write something about them.


Flashback 2015

In 2015

I bought CIBC, Home capital, Canadian Western bank and Ensign.

Hahaha what a random list of stocks.

CIBC was $91

Home capital was $40-$42

Canadian western bank was $27-28

Ensign was $9 or so

I believe only things that I cared about at the time was dividends. Hahahaha

CIBC is $109 now so not bad but certainly not great.

Home capital is $29. So terrible investment

Canadian Western bank is $29 now so again terrible investment

Ensign is $0.70… Yes $0.70.. Hahahahhaha

This Flashback is fun isn’t it?

I was a dumbest investor and I hope no one read my post seriously at the time.


Flashback- 2016

This was posted in Jan 2016

Haha, I bought a gold stock called Orvana Mineral $0.11 and a REIT, Dream office at $17.

I remember selling Orvana at $0.30 or so and Dream office at $22?

I really was a value investor then.

Orvana is currently at $0.25 and Dream office is at $21 so not that great long term investment. I guess Dream was okay as it ran up till $30 something and with all that juicy dividend.

Does not matter, they are not compounders.


Flashback 2017

Let’s jump to 2017?

This was posted in Jan 2, 2017.

And below is what I had back then before selling all of them off for a newer portfolio.

Look how messy this portfolio is. Again, no clue what I was doing back then.

What a loser accountant I was. What’s the point of having an accounting designation? Hahaha

Bunch of random high yielding dividend stocks with a disgusting Canadian ETF.

Pizza Pizza? Sir Royalty income fund? Canadian natural resources? REIT, REIT, REIT?

I won’t be surprised if some of them are already bankrupt or at the verge of bankruptcy.

Just going through them makes me dizzy. What the heck was I thinking? Hahahaha

Thanks god, I sold them all and moved on right before 2017.


With the proceeds, below is what I bought in the end of 2016- 2017.

Let’s take a look. Shall we?


XTC is $8 now. $10 back then. Hahaha

HWD is $24. Not bad but not too great.

XEF? What the heck is this?

Linamar? It is now $60. Gone nowhere for last 4 years.

Couchetard? It is $86 after accounting for stock split. $60 back then. Not bad but not great. Up 42%. Including dividend probably 50-60%?

Lassonde? Hahahah my loser stock right here. Embarrassingly, I still have it.. The multiple compressed very much. Still growing a bit. Someday it will get back up and I will recoup my original investment. Hahaha

CGI? $93. $60 back then. So up 50% or so.

Stella Jones? $43 back then. $43 now….

Dollar Tree? $79 back then $95 now?  laughable.

Gilead science? What a random stock to own. $85 then $60 now…

Union Pacific? $92 then. $200 now. That’s what I am talking about. Little over 15% CAGR.

The rest of them are pretty bad companies.

With the companies below, it would be a miracle to achieve 15% CAGR which is one of my investing goals.

Luckily, I only own 2 companies from below listing… Thanks god, at least I have improved a bit.



Flashback 2018

I don’t know what I exactly owned in 2018 based on going through my 2018 posts.

Looks like I owned

Constellation Software


Boyd Group



Random CRH for dirt cheap valuation for a while

Still owned the loser Lassonde and Spin Master

I still own many of above top quality stocks as my anchor stocks. Those are basically my sleep well compounder bros stocks.

I think I had fun going through my old posts. Looked like I have improved a bit as I go.


I will never forget my first stock purchase (other than VTI index funds) though.

It was Penn West Exploration. I sold out after losing probably 50-60%?

It changed its name to Obsidian Energy.

It did probably 1/10 stock split some time. Don’t know and don’t care but guess what. $34 is what I would have paid then, now it is $0.45. That’s stunning 99% stock price drop.

Haha it managed to go up by 2.27% today!


The best accountant in Toronto. Yes. that’s me!



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