Top 30 performing TSX stocks for last 3 years. Can you guess what the top performing stock is? 12

TSX just released TSX 30 which shows top 30 performing stocks as of June 30, 2019.

To make TSX 30, the stocks must be listed for at least for 3 years either in TSX and TSXV with at least 1 year on TSX with minimum market cap of $50 million as of June 30 ,2019.

Without further ado, here you go.




The top is Canopy Growth… I did not expect this at all… FOMO weed stock topped on thousands of public companies in Canada.

Interesting facts about Canopy Growth?

  • When Justin Trudeau was promising to legalize cannabis during 2015 election time that the stock was around $1.5
  • After Justin got elected, the stock doubled to $3 very shortly.
  • When Cannabis Act came into effect in October 2018 the stock traded around $60 (Salivating 4000% return from before the election…)
  • Although the stock dropped to $32 today, Sep 26, 2019, it was $53 on June 30 2019 when TSX 30 list was put together.
  • Canada became the second country in the world to formally legalize the cannabis to grow, possess, buy and smoke or eat. 


What could be my lessons from here?

FOMO works. Get in really early with the money you are willing to lose 100% when tailwind is strong when things are just about to be popular.

Buy the best stock among all others.

Sell out a half of position when it doubles so that you get your original investment back to be free mentally (very important I think).

Then let the rest run.

Trim or selloff as you go.



Let’s go back to the top 30 listing.

I see Shopify in the second place with 883% return. This is nothing like Canopy. I can classify this as early stage of Amazon…

Growth over profit, boost scale, issue shares every year, repeat.

Very smart, visionary and driven CEO

I have no clue how to value this animal.

I really don’t and that’s why I missed the boat.

Again, If I can go back in time, I would have used my money that I would be willing to lose 100%, then sell half when doubled and let the rest run. Trim or sell off as I go.



Another weed stock on 3rd. 


I missed top 3 completely by the way.  Is there anyone who have enjoyed all three of them? You deserve a medal.



I see Kirkland on 4th. A great gold mining company that grows. Again, I totally missed…


5th… Trilogy metals? What the f is that?


6th is Aphria, another weed stock.


Just realized there are so many weed, mining and energy stocks that I have never heard of…. that performed really well. Maybe many of them came off the historical low but if they were not came off the historical low, I will be studying closely and think about what made them do so well.


Finally a company I know…. Air Canada.

It is on 7th but who really bought it and have it?

I have been dismissing Air Canada since day 1 of investing.

Such an idiotic move..

If you really think about it. it has almost monopolistic market share in Canada.

Am I wrong?

I will let you think about it.



This top 30 performing list makes me feel like an idiot. 

The first stock that I own from the top is ranked at 23… Constellation software….

I also see Tucows, Great Canadian Gaming and Boyd Group… I feel better that I have 4 companies from the listing but guess what?, they are not even close to top dogs…

Maybe if you look at last 5 or 10 years return, they could be closer to top performing companies but I did not own them at the time so it means nothing to me.


Total embarrassment. Feel kinda defeated… Oh well…. I at least gotta learn my lesson here.

Big lesson that I have been repeatedly telling myself…

Don’t dismiss any stocks…

Many stocks may not be in my circle of confidence but I have eyes and ears to feel and understand what’s going on. Step back and think big. Make a big bet but with a small amount of money that I am willing to lose.

Supply and demand dictates the price of stocks. Simple is that.

A lot of times fundamentals of the companies determine the prices of the stocks but FOMO, stupidity of people, greed also do the same.


Take advantage, make 1823% of gain so that you can proudly give the big fat middle fingers to all bay street fat bellied idiots who made their clients no money at all for the same time.


How many of the stocks do you own now?


Do you own any of the top 5, 3 stocks?


Do you own Canopy? Since when and at what price?


Do you own Shopify?  You lucky bastard!



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