Just like marathon 2

I had been great at long distance running ever since I can remember.

Mostly first in school among probably 400-500 same year old kids every year until finishing high school.

I was not taller or more athletic than other kids.


When I was young, I had to worry about what to eat for my lunch or supper.

Many times, I hung out good friends’ home for supper. Their parents fed me.

Lunch? Schools fed poor kids for free. They prepared lunch for them.

All I had to was to bring an empty container to drop off at 11am along with my (poor) friends then go back at noon to pick up.

I got eventually caught by girls in the class that told the teacher about this and I was stopped because my family was not poor.


My parents neglected us (me and my 2 older brothers) for years.

My mom was not interested in preparing food.

My dad has been extremely frugal that he never spent money on food.

They went through the Korean war. My dad was 7-10 years old and my mom was 3-5 years old during the war.

It is just way they were to survive and they never got rid of that habit for whatever reasons.


Just wanted to say growing up in that environment disciplined me mentally.

That made me work ever since I was 10-11 years old- any work I could get like delivering papers, milk or yogurt etc.

Then things got much better as I was able to eat what I wanted with my own money. That was not cheap but better.

If I think about it, what really helped me when times are tough was money that I earned and saved and good friends that I am still in touch with even after I settled in Canada for more than a decade.


All that surviving mentality disciplined me naturally.

No wonder I was able to win long distance running all the time because it was all about having stronger mentality than other kids.

I did not give up when most of the kids gave up in the middle of races. If they did not give up, I am very sure they could have done much better than me.

Then I settled in Canada moving from South Korea. After marriage and talking with my wife for many years, I realized how terrible my parents have been (although they loved me and my older brothers in some odd ways).

I am at the age of having my own kids soon.

I heard that if you have been abused when growing up, you either be abusive to your kids or be extremely good to your kids.

I will definitely become the latter.


Back to the topic, I was thinking, this financial freedom journey that I started is like marathon.

The challenge isn’t about anyone else.

It is really about learning a lot about myself and my mental limits.

The journey does not get easier. I can either stop and give up or keep going. It is entirely up to me.

The only difference is that it does not end in 2 hours. This takes years and years. That makes it much more challenging.

I want the freedom. I crave for it. I started this journey almost 5 years ago and I am getting closer day after day.


Whoever is doing this freedom journey… I know you are very disciplined and strong.

But this will take some time.

This needs your dedication and effort. Probably a lot of it.

This won’t be easy.

This will require your everything.

Don’t go half way and stop there.

Focus while learn to enjoy with little.

Keep your eyes open and learn everything along the way.

Don’t try to show off. Be genuine then you will shine.

Make good friends along the way and enjoy spend time with your loved ones and great friends who have been sticking with you when times are good and bad.

Spend time in nature whenever you can. Heal yourself from all the negativity that you had to endure especially from mean and disgusting people. Karma will get them so just focus on healing yourself.

Keep at it. We can do this.



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  • Danny

    I am sorry for what you had to go through. We, North Americans take everything for granted and your stories put us to shame. I have no doubt in my mind that you will achieve the financial freedom and any goals which you set your mind to.