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Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors became NBA champion last night. It was absolutely fantastic.

My wife worked a night shift as a nurse so I picked her up around 11:45pm on the Queen street west when Toronto Raptor just became NBA champion. We heard that from the radio on the way back home. Everyone got out of bars so the streets were full of drunk people with too much excitement.

We stopped at a red light and an idiot rear-ended our car. I am quite sure he was texting or looking around to give high fives to excited pedestrians. 

We both were okay so I got the heck out and checked our car which also looked okay so I told him not to worry about it and go his own way.

Hopefully good karma comes back to me some day. That was your lucky day asshole.

Entire city was filled with car honks until 4 am this morning and for that I will need tones of coffee today.

I guess they just needed an excuse to get together and have parties. I am just jealous of their energy and their ‘I don’t give a fxxx about work Friday mentality’



It has been almost 2 months since I last wrote here. Shame on me but I am surprised by number of people keep coming to my blog every day during absence of new articles to read.

Rule number 1 of having successful blog was to write at least 1-2 a week. I guess I am far from it but I want to thank my readers who come and check on me.



YTD performance

Markets did very well since 2019.

YTD results are following

  • TSX did 13.4%
  • Nasdaq did 17.5%
  • Dow did 11.7%
  • S&P 500 did 15%


Absolutely fantastic. Isn’t it? 


Here is how I did.

28% YTD return from my one of brokerage accounts.



21% YTD return from another brokerage account (The graph shows big error in the middle which should be ignored).


If I average both accounts then I guess I did around 24.5% YTD. Pretty good but considering markets did 11-18%, not great.

When I compare that with TSX (since my 90% of investment is in TSX), then I did quite alright.



Due to account transfer in the end of 2018 between two brokerage accounts, my performance results screen for all accounts is messed up so I will just use TFSA results going forward.  I am excited to announce that I exceeded 15% of annualized return last 4.7 years or so which was one of my investing goals.

I am also glad to see 100.65% of return since inception of September 2014 when I started managing my own money.


My TFSA account shows the following result over the years.

I beat the markets every single year since inception. I got no doubt this will continue. There are so many mediocre companies in TSX so I am very confident that my super high quality companies will beat them year after year.



Market Crash = Opportunities 

I have been seeing many people who are worried about market corrections, crash and inverted yield curve but I have been telling you many times that that’s when you really make money.

Just be nice to your boss next little while until the crash comes so that you still have income to put money in the markets when everything is decimated. That’s how you make money and get very rich. 

When you think like below then you have nothing to worry about. If markets go up, you will be richer, if markets go down, you will be much richer when you take advantage.

Market Crash = Opportunities


Some people have been emailing me about whether they need to hold cash or not.

I guess whatever suits you. I understand the power of having cash around when markets are down.

For that you may keep some cash because markets can come down anytime. 5%-10% drop happens multiple times a year so I guess why not having some cash around right?



I got no cash but I have credits that I can utilize and bring in sufficient amount of cash in a matter of minutes. I have been using some but majority is currently being unused.

When the time is right, we should really take advantage of discount. People will always panic and selloff. We will buy super high quality companies at discount and be the true winners.


All you need?

Having guts.


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7 thoughts on “BeSmartRich’s portfolio update- June 2019

  • JohnnyUtah

    Hey BSR, how are you getting an average portfolio returm when using multiple accounts with different amounts allocated to each. Say you have one account with 220K which returned 15% and the other account only 80K and say 25% return. Adding the two returns and dividing by two wouldn’t give you an accurate total portfolio average because the weightings are different in each account. I ask because I have the same problem with multiple accounts (tfsa,rrsp, my wifes, etc).

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      You can use weighted average return.

      By using your example,
      $220,000*15%= $33,000
      $80,000*25%= $20,000
      Total return in $= $53,000
      Total initial portfolio value= $220,000+ $80,000= $300,000
      Total return in %= $53,000/ $300,000= 17.7%

  • Nico

    I am guilty checking on you every other day. Astonishing performance as usual. Can you share your stocks weighing?
    Net worth? If my math is right you are in between $500000 and $700000.

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      I can’t share stock weightings. I used to a while ago but now I can’t for several reasons. If you read my twitter feeds and blogs, you know what my favorite companies are. Any of them will do very well. It is really a matter of trimming and rebalancing between the companies depending on their valuations. Stocks can be easily oversold or overbought.

      I also promised my wife not to share our net worth in my blog anymore, just to be safe. It is a dangerous world out there.

      Thanks for checking in by the way. 🙂