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Hello my precious readers!

It has really been a while; almost 3 months since last post?

What can I say? Work happened. As some of you know, I work as the corporate controller in a startup that is just about to take off and just had a gigantic deal that changed the company completely so yeah, that took over my life for last several months.


But every single chance I get, I have been very active in Twitter so follow me in Twitter if you like.


Go Away Neck Pain!

You would have wondered why I randomly post about neck stretching in my blog that I have been preaching about importance of saving and investing.

I know and I am sorry if I disappointed you but I am posting this because this stretching literally changed my life.

I have been having this chronic neck pain for a decade now. I have been to massages, physiotherapy, chiropractic cares etc… but they have been nothing but temporary relief. I am sure a lot of you have chronic neck pains or have been developing and getting worse as you get older due to many hours of sitting in front of computers, spending too much time on smartphones etc… No one understands why you are so cranky and irritated all the time. Hopefully those times are past and you get your smiles back.


Look at the picture below. Ideally, your neck supports 12 pounds of weights but as you work in front of your computers, laptops and smartphone, your neck is under pressure of supporting 42 pounds of weights. That’s crazy. Proper postures will definitely help but before you know it you are already in bad turtle neck posture. So we need to do the stretching as often as we can that counteracts the bad turtle neck posture.


The Video that changed my life

Investing in your health is the biggest favour you can do. If you are not well, nothing, even money, really matters anymore. That’s why I am sharing this beautiful video. I do this stretching every chance I get in the office- washroom, kitchen, coffee break etc.. or at home with my wife. All the professionals have not been able to helping me for a decade but these two youtube celebrity physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck did in 10 minutes.


Here is the video that brought my smiles back. It is called Mckenzie Method.

1. Chin Tuck

2. Chin Tuck then stretching your neck further back looking towards the sky (this is my favorite)

3. Chin Tuck then left and right leaning.

Try the stretching and thank me and above two beautiful men later.



Little investing talk- Power of Moats

Ok, let me briefly talk about investing here a bit. The most important but extremely simple idea that most people neglect.

How did I find this stretching video?

I Googled many times then got into Youtube and searched for neck pain. There were literally thousands of videos out there. Then I started reading the comments of subscribers telling whether the stretching helped them or not. As I read more comments, I slowly build my trust then try out.

Getting it?

The power of Alphabet here.

The co-founder of Alphabet, Larry Page said below.

We want to build technology that everybody loves using, and that affects everyone. We want to create beautiful, intuitive services and technologies that are so incredibly useful that people use them twice a day. Like they use a toothbrush. There aren’t that many things people use twice a day


How many times did you use Google today?

What about Youtube?

What phones does your phone run on? Is it Android?

Is your web browser Chrome?

When is the last time you used Google map?

Google translate?


Google cloud storage?

What about chrome book? Anyone?


What about below? (source- business insider)

  • A thermostat.
  • Unknown life-extending technologies.
  • Computerized contact lenses
  • Robot assistants
  • Self-driving cars
  • A spoon designed to make life easier for people with diseases such as Parkinson’s
  • A home video monitoring system.
  • High-speed Internet service.
  • Laptop computers.
  • A dongle that puts Internet video on your TV.
  • Balloons that broadcast Internet signal.
  • Drones that deliver goods to homes.
  • Computers you wear like glasses.
  • Airborne wind turbines.
  • A digital collection of all the world’s books.
  • A map of the world.
  • A collection of photographs of every street in the world.
  • A social network.
  • Software for creating and maintaining blogs.
  • An online video rental store.
  • An online software store.
  • An online shopping
  • A live-updating database of equities and financial news.
  • A service that allows you to pay for things with your phone.
  • A phone number replacement service.
  • Video-conferencing software.



Does the company have moat or competitive advantage?

Is it valued fairly? (i.e. is it expensive?)

Does it make growing free cash flow?

Is the balance sheet in good standing?

Does it care about its shareholders?

Does it run by visionary and competent leaders?


I am a proud shareholder of Alphabet

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  • Thank you Besmartrich

    Day 3 here. I cannot say enough how much the stretching helped me. Thanks to you now I understand what the fundamental problem was. Neck pain- gone. Headache- gone. Cranky personality- gone. I am so grateful I found your post!