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Sweet Dream

I had a dream last night.  A really vivid one. 

It seemed that I had kids.

and they looked like baby pigs.

I seemed to be their father and they cried like babies. 

There was a pig with thick make up who seemed to be my wife. 

I looked at the mirror and I was a father pig.

Surprisingly, I was surprised and woke up.

I had an amazing dream. In Korea, if you dream about living with pigs, tones of money would be expected to come in and you would get extremely rich. That was the signal I needed…

I have always been thinking lately…

‘Why should I diligently save and invest in companies that only return 15-20% per year?’

‘Why can’t I be investing in bitcoins and make 15-20% per day?’

‘I can double my investment every 5 days rather than every 5 years…’

‘What’s the point of resisting the wave? It will keep going up until it hits $200,000-300,000. I can still 10 bagging on bitcoins’

‘My hundreds of thousands of dollars will be multi million dollars within less than 5 months then I will get out.’

I stopped thinking and sold many of my investments- google, constellation software, mty food group and bought as many bitcoins as possible…

Then I woke up.

It was a dream…

Amazing… A dream in a dream… It was like Inception. Never happened before… Maybe I was quite jealous of people who made a fortune speculating on bitcoins and desired so much for myself. Maybe I was meant to buy bitcoins. My pig dreams actually proves that.


Is bitcoin a bubble? I don’t really know and I won’t try to look cool by pretending that I understand how it works. I read various articles about bitcoin but still no clue what that is….

Did you make great returns on bitcoins? Great job. Good for you. 

I wish I had the same conviction a year ago or even 3 months ago when it was traded at $3,500 (USD)… (It is now at $16,000 (USD)).

Anyway, the point of whole dream thing and bitcoin was to introduce you a really good article about bitcoins.

I was quite impressed how rational the article is. If you are ever thinking about getting into bitcoins, just read the article first then decide.

You may thank me later!

Bitcoin- Millennials Fake Gold

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