Aug 30, 2016 Net Worth Update: $206,627 (-$2,297, -1.1%) 5

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my end of August 2016 net worth update. Thank you so much for coming.

Summer is almost gone. Can’t believe it. Toronto’s winter is not as pleasant as its summer. It is cold, windy and quite miserable. Well… I gotta enjoy while summer is still here.

Fortunately, my wife and I were able to take 2 weeks off in the end of August. We drove from Toronto to Rockport- 1000 islands, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec then Halifax, Nova Scotia. Total 5,000 km. Beautiful cities and natures. That’s more than enough for us to leave all the stresses behind and enjoy every single moment of the trips.


This was what we desperately needed. Right after 1,000 island boat tour.


While we were enjoying the last bit of the summer here is what happened in the market during August 2016.

Nasdaq moved from 5,162 to 5,213, up about 1%.






Dow moved from 18,432 to 18,401 down about 0.2%.


TSX (Canada) moved from 14,583 to 14,597 up about 0.1%



And my portfolio dropped about 4.5% during August.



The market has been trending up quite a bit since this February. I love and hate when market does very well like this. It is a very strange feeling. I feel great to see my investment doing so well and have been showing better results than comparative TSX and Dow but at the same time I feel that the market is getting more expensive so I comparatively hesitate more when purchasing stocks that are on my watch list.

March 2016 and April 2016 did amazingly well that boosted my market value of portfolio by more than 5% and May was alright. Then here came June 2016 boosting my net worth by 15.7% and July 2016 was very satisfying at 3.4% of growth in my net worth. August 2016 wasn’t great. Is the slump that lasted between 2015 May to September coming again? Who cares? I am an optimist so I would rather say “the glass is half full” than “the glass is half empty”

half full

Or whatever you want to believe


I somewhat hoped that the market drops further and further so that I can buy quality assets at discount. Or I probably want to see 2008-2009 short and quick super major correction to happen which may be actually scary but that’s the time you can make the most money. BREXIT was a great opportunity for me.

As you know, luckily, I have constant cash flow from my day job with help of our family’s frugal habits to pour more money in the market every month. That being said, I see that my cash reserve has been growing. It is really hard to find a bargain lately compared to this February 2016 or end of June 2016.


Investor Sentiment Wheel

I am fascinated to observe how human psychology work especially in stock market. Most of businesses that I invest are exactly the same businesses as usual making constantly solid cash flow. They may be facing a temporary business setback however a lot of times, the stocks of them may be punished a lot harder than the actual problems. Take advantage of it!


Investor Sentiment Wheel

Do exactly opposite of what this wheel shows then you will be golden!


Remember this… As long as business is solid, the stock price will eventually follow.

It is only a matter of time until you see more greens in all of the stocks in your portfolio if you are a long term investor. Just keep being invested in your quality stocks. If you are a lucky one who gets regular paycheque and have some money to invest after your monthly spending, then keep buying at lower prices every month.


Keep it simple. Don’t think too hard. Just find good quality undervalued dividend stocks, buy them at low and weather the rainstorm until the sun rises again. When the sun rises which it always does, it will be swift.


Ironically, people get more excited when market climbs up when they have to pay premium for the same stocks whereas when the market is headed downward, they tend to avoid buying the same stocks at discounted prices. I would worry more and look to restructure my portfolio when the market keeps climbing up. Time for me to say my favorite investor of all time, our legendary old man, Warren’s most famous quote.


“You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy. It’s that simple.”


I recently put Warren Buffett’s top 50 quotes together. Check it out.’

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Don’t forget about his stock picking tips!

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Remember 2008-2009 market crisis?

2008-2009 market turmoil made so many people richer and poorer. People who became poorer are the ones that sold their stocks at loss and never looked back. People who became richer are the ones that bought stocks at 30-80% off the original prices then they triple and quadruple their original investment within 2-3 years.


This turmoil in Canada isn’t as opportunistic (or bad for some people) as 2008-2009 market crisis but still some bargains could be found now.

There are still some undervalued stocks. That simple concept will make us richer sooner or later. I have no way of knowing and an ability of forecasting the market but all my efforts will be dedicated to find great stocks that are currently undervalued.


My net worth decreased by $2,297 (1.1%) from $208,924 to $206,627 during August 2016.

I hit a little bump this month which reduced my portfolio a bit as one of my investments that I put about 10% of worth into got crashed and shed its value by 50% or so. Well shit happens. The company still generates positive cash flows so let’s see what I am going to do with it but for now, I am holding it.

When I achieved $200,000 milestone, I wrote 5 key tips to accumulate wealth and achieve financial independence so check it out below.


This is my eighth 2016 net worth update. Net worth update is posted monthly to keep track of the progress of my journey to become a millionaire. I believe anyone can be a millionaire with good saving habits and smart investing plans. If you would like to join the journey, please follow me through my Facebook and twitter pages and subscribe your email for free updates.

Compared to August last year, it grew by $74,352. That’s 56% growth. It grew by $6,196 every month. Not bad huh? I am quite pleased with the result but it could have been better. Well… the downturn of the economy will eventually turn up and I will be a very happy man when that happens. Until then, I will keep searching for undervalued stocks and see where this takes me. If you are afraid of losing 20-30% of your portfolio value then investing in stock market isn’t for you. Risk and rewards always follows. Always perform your due diligence researching the fundamental of the stocks before you buy or just buy amazingly reasonable Vanguard ETFs. That’s called indexing.

networth graph

Let’s go $300,000!


The cash balance has increased from $3,934 to $9,730. We have about $30,000 of cash position from investment accounts so total cash balance is about $40,000. I have been building cash reserve not because of I like hoarding cash but I could not really find bargains. Only a few of them. I love deploying cash and seeing its transformation to something more useful. Cash isn’t investment. It actually loses its value everyday right? I am patiently waiting for an investment opportunity to pop up from my watch list. Hopefully I can grab some. Come on BAD NEWS!

Even after reduced annual TFSA contribution limit from $10,000 to $5,500 from a stupid political move by the new regime in Ottawa, (Yes I am talking to you Justin!) TFSA is still an amazing instrument to invest so for someone who do not take advantage of TFSA and RRSP (for US citizens, 401K, IRA, ROTH IRA…) please use them for your future. They are wonderful instruments that will make your future brighter.

Our majority of cash is sitting in President choice Debit account. I use it for the most of the money transfer, bill payments, cheques etc… as there is no transaction fee in this amazing card and cheques are free. Major banks typically charge $50-100 for 50 cheques but I pay nothing for that. Due to its partnership with CIBC bank, I can use their extensive CIBC ATMs network which is awesome. Their customer service is great as well.

net wor


August 2016 was a very bad month for me. Our portfolio decreased by 4.6% due to one of my holdings crashed after earnings report.


We hold about $30K cash ready to be deployed.

total bal

Ups and Downs. We don’t really care. We are not selling the quality stocks until they become overvalued. I would much prefer for better opportunities to pick up more shares at favorable prices. I love corrections and crashes. As long as fundamentals are there, I am not too concerned about the noises. Although it would hurt to see our portfolio decreasing its value during corrections and crashes I have a coping mechanism built in me. Not the end of the world for me. Tides will eventually turn. Buy low and sell high right?

Only problem I have right now is how to come up with even more cash for a better time to jump in. I think values will show up here and there again so I will patiently wait for temporary setbacks.

When you invest, you should always look at long term investing horizon, not tomorrow, next month, next year etc…. If you foresee that you would need cash in a near future then investing in stocks isn’t for you. However when you start to focus on longer term view, then you will do quite well as long as you buy good stocks with great fundamentals at attractive price.

Recent Buys

In January 2016 we bought Dream office REIT and Orvana Group



Completely sold the position in August. 212% gain is pretty good for 8 months of holding.


In February 2016 we averaged down and bought $5,500 worth of Corus Entertainment stocks.



In March 2016 we bought about $6,140 worth of Black Diamond Group Ltd


Unfortunately, we did not make any purchases in April 2016.



Then in May 2016, we purchased Gilead Sciences (GILD).



In June before Brexit, we purchased Linamar (LNR)



and Brexit hit LNR hard so it was 12% down right after 2 days so I bought more



We sold Atco and with the proceeds we purchased Developed world ETF (Japan, UK, France, Switzeland, Germany etc…)



We sold the following companies to realize some gains in August.




Our Portfolio Performance

I opened direct investing account on Sep 12 2014. During last 23 months, our portfolio gained about 19.4% whereas S&P and TSX composite dropped by 6%. Not bad huh?

Annualized gain is 9.4% so which is pretty much aligned with historical index average. I guess we will keep doing whatever we have been doing for the last 23 months.


So far so good except this month.

Check out my portfolio page to see what stocks I own and the following article for more investment tips-How to Simply Invest and Get Richer for Dummies in 8 Easy Steps.

Did I mention you can be a millionaire in about 30 years if you can save $10 a day?

Have you heard about Peter Lynch, a wallstreet legend? Check out Peter Lynch’s top 13 best stock picking tips. You won’t regret it.

If you are also a dividend investor like me, then you should check out the following page to see how other dividend investors are doing. You won’t regret a moment of reading their valuable and inspirational articles. Blogroll


Credit card

Our credit card debt increased from $840 to $1,958 due to extra spending from vacations. Our spending may get higher since my wife is back to school. Textbooks and school materials are extremely expensive and I am quite unhappy about schools putting students through this. For example, a polo shirt with school department name printed is sold at $40 and all nursing students must buy them. A stupid clicker that to be used in a course is sold at $120. All of the course textbooks are sold at school bookstores and they are 20% more expensive than what you can order from Amazon (students can’t get a better deal from its own school than Amazon? What the heck is wrong with them?). Access code is mandatory so students are forced to buy brand new books. Total textbooks for this semester costed us $500.

What the hell. Textbook and other school materials companies lobby the hell out of school bureaucrats and they force the poor students into further debts than necessary. When the students graduates, they will have to work their ass off to get off debt. How depressing. If I was the dean of the school, I would do anything to make the studying more affordable to students but everyone is just hungry for their own pockets. Disgusting… That was my rant of the month.

All of them temporarily hurt our net worth (and my moral) but we strongly believe the future return is extremely lucrative of the educations.


I don’t know whether you will remember this but my wife is a mad artist (I will show you some of her artworks later if she allows) and have spent several years to do her soul searching. Well guess what? She wants to be a nurse in Canada then combine her artistic talents with the nursing degree to be an art therapist eventually. She is from South Korea and recently immigrated to Canada. I have emphasized this to you before, if you are a foreign immigrant, getting right education is one of the most important things that you will have to do to be treated equally (not to mention your language skills but you will pick up while you go through your degree programs) and self-sustaining. Let me tell you, it is not going to be easy. I have been through it but very well worth it.

While I love to see my wife showing off her artworks and helping me out with this blog (She designed this BeSmartRich blog. She also helps me with maintenance, research, promotion, advertising etc…), I am extremely pleased with her decision to going for her dream which is a great cause for the community we reside in.

I see it impacting our net worth as one step back and ten steps forward. We may be spending $4-5K per semester which will temporarily and negatively impacting our net worth but that will give back hundred times guaranteed returns during our lifetime. That’s the power of education. Only sky is the limit. Not to mention we can recoup some tuition costs through tax credits, courtesy of Canadian Government. Thank you Canada. I love you so much!

We are still close to debt free and I like it that way. I just love the feeling of keeping our debt balance low as I feel empowered to be debt free.

We tried to minimize spending over last couple of months and it worked out pretty well. We use Capital one Costco credit card as it gives us 3% cash back on restaurants (6% on first 3 months). We also have MBNA cash back card that we use mainly for grocery and gas for 2% cash back and everything else for 1% cash back (5% on first 6 months) without any annual fee. Unlike capital one cash back card and all other cash back cards out there, MBNA card is well beyond expectation. First of all, MBNA pays cold hard cash back (not points toward purchasing goods and services) and secondly, MBNA directly deposits the cash right away to your bank when it hits $50 mark. That’s great as I don’t have to wait until the end of the year to collect cash. Remember. Everything adds up.


Check out the following links if you are interested in getting awesome credit cards like MBNA and Capital one credit cards.

US residents

Canadian residents



We have been tightening up spending. We set up two major rules and following religiously so far.

  1. My wife added some more healthy option after watching some documentary films about how chickens, milk cows etc… are raised so we have been purchasing quality organic ingredients, cook home meals most of time and go out and enjoy restaurant meal once a month together in a mutually agreed restaurant.
  2. We shop at Costco once a month for majority of grocery (They are always fresh and love their AAA beef so much for very attractive prices) then for urgent needs, my wife goes grocery nearby our place for eggs, milks, vegetable and fruits as in need basis. Our monthly grocery budget is $500 per month. I know it is high for just two people but we love healthy and good quality food and I am a meateatarian.
  3. We will keep being frugal on all other expenditures. See the following links for excellent ways to save money.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s net worth update. Remember, if you haven’t, set your saving & investing plans up and try to see how much net worth you have reached as of now and how much it has fluctuated in the past. Knowing where you are and where you will be headed will be a great starting point to be a millionaire and retire comfortably. Hang in there. I will be on the journey with you.

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  • jmaq

    Which stock decreased by 50%?
    Do you believe this company is in good shape and able to continue increasing dividends?

    Thank-you for the August update.

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      It is a healthcare stock. You probably can guess what it is. I knew it was a risky and speculative bet. I did not anticipate that they would write down their own assets during the quarter which wasn’t even pressured by external auditors but its own CFO. Other than writedown, cash flow seems usual so I am going to hold it for a while until it recovers back (We will see…) As long as it keeps making cash and able to pay down debt, I still see some value in it for now.