Recent Sell- Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ) and Norfolk Southern (NSC) 7

Hello my precious readers! Just wanted to give you a quick update. Today I sold out Canadian Natural Resources and Norfolk Southern.

time to sell


1. Canadian Natural Resources


Canadian Natural Resources is probably one of the best oil&gas companies in Canada but I wanted to reduce oil&gas exposure and take the sweet capital gain. As you know I have been buying quite a bit of oil&gas companies or oil&gas servicing companies for a while since the oil crash and I feel that 30% of gain is good enough for me to exit. I may repurchase it again if the price gets attractive but until then I will look for other companies for now.



cnq t

Sold 122 shares at $37.12 less 9.99 commission netted $4,518.65. Including dividend of $84.18 during last 7 months of holding, total gain is $1,104.14 which is about 32%. I will take it 🙂



2. Norfolk Southern


Norfolk Southern is one of my favorite companies. Well… it is a railway and due to its monopolistic servicing power and high entry to barrier, the company made so many investors very rich over time. I am sadden to let it go but I needed some US dollars to buy more attractively priced companies which I will post when purchases are made. So long Norfolk. It has been great. I will buy back when opportunity knocks again.



nsc t

Sold 34 shares at $90.20 less 9.99 commission netted $3,056.74. Including dividend of $40.12 during last 9 months of holding, total gain is $308.25 which is about 11%. I will take it 🙂

That’s it for today! Stay tuned to see what I purchase with the new capital!


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Hope my recent buy & sell updates inspire anyone who is dreaming of becoming financially independent. I am not there yet but I am happy to share where I am and where I will be headed along the journey to be a millionaire thus financially more independent.  Don’t dream on winning lottery or a jackpot from your local casino. That’s not going to happen to you.


Dream on something that is so real that you can catch it after executing easy passive income strategies. It is not going to take very long to see the results and I am sure you can do it as well. All you need is a strong commitment for your future. Start your first step right now and come along for the million-dollar journey. Hang in there because your loved ones got your back (and I do as well)




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7 thoughts on “Recent Sell- Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ) and Norfolk Southern (NSC)

  • DivHut

    I don’t think I recall a time when reading about so many sales among the dividend bloggers and this is the first time I read about a rail sale. I know many in the DGI community love the rail stocks even though they are going through a rough patch these days. Look forward to seeing where you deploy this money.

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      I totally agree with you. I hated to sell Norfolk Southern but I had to for a stock that was punished even more severely. I will buy back Norfolk again for sure in a near future. The currency isn’t favorable at the time so I have very limited access to US stocks. Thanks for your comments DivHut! Much appreciated!


    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      I like oil stocks as they were punished hard lately but I agree oil stocks shouldn’t be solid long term investments with a few exceptions (Exxon and Chevron). They are for trades. I believe 30% of capital gain with some dividends for 7 months of holding is a good number for me to sell it off. Will buy again if the stock gets punished again!


  • Jeff

    Excellent sells BSR!

    Oil definitely made a rally as of lately. Too bad I got rid of my oil stocks at the early stages of the rally. Are you hoarding cash now?

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      Oil made a rally for sure. It will go up eventually to $100 level someday but I figured $1,000 gain is a good number for me to crystallize. I was very hesitant to sell Norfolk Southern but I figured GILD is a better opportunity at this time. I have about $12K of cash to deploy however still hasn’t found a good investment yet. I will patiently wait for now on the side line with the cash.