January 2016 Dividend income update: $705 (+$569, +418%) 6

Hi everyone. Welcome to my January 2016 dividend income update.

My OctoberNovemberDecember 2015 and January 2016 net worth showed a little improvement. At least my graph is going in the right direction. Well to be honest, I don’t really care that much about how market and my net worth moves that much because they will always go up and down. On top of that I always get paid through dividends regardless of how market moves anyway.

My stocks may decrease their values further but as long as fundamentals are strong then the stock prices will eventually catch up to fair values or even higher than fair values. It is just a matter of time so patient is a virtue when it comes to value investing. Who really knows if market crashes next month? The market is shaky and very volatile but you know what that means! You can take advantage of bargains. So please do when you still can.

I love oil and mining stocks a lot lately and have been buying a lot of them as they are very cheap now. No one can expect how long low oil and other commodities prices will stay but eventually they will be recovered and when that happens, the prices will bring up the value of the stocks altogether. When that happens, I will happily restructure our portfolio to reduce my exposures in oil and mining stocks. 🙂


Enjoy what you love to do while collecting your passive cash dividends.

While we just collected free dividends from the stocks we purchased as usual, my wife and I forget all about the stocks and just enjoy what our life has to offer.

January was a perfect month to enjoy outside of Toronto as the weather has been very unusually warn. Can you believe that?

Our smart dog knew that the weather was unusually warm so she gave us that irresistible look whenever she wanted to enjoy outside.


“Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease go out?”


My wife, I and our doggy enjoyed outside as much as we can. We walked here and there and bathed with lots of sunlight.


Loving the sunshine

We also went to Volcano Theatre http://volcano.ca/ to enjoy local Canadians’ live performance at one night. This time we enjoyed a performance called “Century Song” by a powerful Soprano Neema Bickersteth presenting Canada’ s black female history. I was really glad to find a local talent. We will grow old together and I will get to watch her getting better and better for several decades.

centuryoldsong_2 Neema Bickersteth

Be prepared to cry.

If you are lucky and ever get a chance to watch her performance, grab the once in a lifetime opportunity and go watch her screaming souls throughout the show. You won’t regret it. The best live show I have ever seen in my life.

I had a really hard time hiding myself crying during the show from my wife because the show was just beautiful.  I don’t think she realized that I cried… or maybe she did realize it and she may had a hard time pretending that she did not see me crying to avoid awkwardness. 🙂 Well…some beautiful women once told me in my dream, man crying is sexy. Quite sure I would look darn sexy just like Dean from Supernatural.


Yup. That’s me.

Enough of man-crying for now. You know that I am, objectively speaking, the nicest husband she will ever find right? Since one of my most important priorities at home other than doing laundry, vacuuming, washing the dishes and picking up my dog poo, is taking care of my wife’s health.

So I picked up good quality beef bones especially leg bones with lots of marrow (very rich in essential vitamins and minerals that helps producing white blood cells, strengthening immune system and important fatty acids such as Omega-3 which is essential in functioning the brain).


Beauty! With this quantity, you can get about 15 meals out of it.

I spent one entire Sunday boiling the bones. The entire process took about 15 hours.


That’s what you see when you boil the bones for 5 hours x 3 times.

Believe it or not, it was all voluntary. But by sacrificing my unimportant and valueless Sunday for my wife’s health, I was able to feed her this tremendously delicious, exceptionally nutritional, cancer healing AAA beef bones and marrow soup.


Master Chef- Asia episode winner- Mr. BeSmartRich



With some salt, red pepper powder with garlic marinates and Kimchi, the taste is heavenly.


Building your never-stopping passive dividend income stream is really easy. Start right now!

When you buy good quality companies, you typically get paid with regular dividends, and within enough time, you end up with solid portfolio of companies that pay you sufficient dividends to cover your expenses. Once your expenses are fully covered by those free dividend payments, you can reallocate your energy and passion to do something you like rather than sucking up with your hated bosses from your day job. I am not saying you should quit but what’s better than making money by what you dream to do? You get paid no matter what… when you sleep, when you travel, when you don’t feel like to commute for an hour to get to work, when you are sick of dealing with office politics… You can put whatever hated reasons you can think of here to focus on your dividend (or passive) income strategy. Without going on another 50 hours to explain further, here is a list of stocks that I received dividends in January, 2016.


$705 is really awesome. That’s more than our family’s grocery budget. Next is our rent!


I invest in about 30 companies so far. I see stocks as my employees and trust me I am their worst nightmare. ???? I perform my rigorous screening process from tens of thousands applicants. I select only 30-40 employees to interview then I hire only 1 of the best at a time by paying him/her upfront payment. Once employees are hired, I pay them nothing. No pay, no benefit, no holiday… ???? I infamously enforce 24/7 working hour policy. They cannot walk off and I only can fire them based on their performances. Strangely, ????  they have been bringing in more and more money everyday to me and even bringing their friends to sign the employee contract for free!! I guess life is good ????


Year to Year Dividend Income Comparison

January was another fantastic month, wasn’t it? Total payment hits $705. We collected $136 last year around this time so I am extremely pleased with the result as we really didn’t do anything to earn the free cash payments other than keep living within our means, saving rigorously and buying great stocks at low regardless of where the stocks will be headed temporarily. It is very easy and you can start it right away so let me repeat what I said. “We live within our means, save as much as we can and invest wisely”



We collected

$561 of dividend income in July, $278 in August 2015,

$698 in September 2015,

$464 in October 2015

$358 in November 2015

$641 in December.

and $705 in January 2016.


The average of them is close to my family’s monthly grocery budget. What did we do to collect the money? Nothing… we did really nothing to collect the money. On top of that, the dividend income is getting higher and higher as time goes by.

For example, our Cominar REIT stocks provided us

$42.88 in July

but in August we got paid a little bit higher at $43.12 due to automatic DRIP set up with the stock

then it became $43.37 in September 2015,

$43.61 in October 2015,

$43.86 in November 2015,

$44.10 in December 2015

and $44.35 in January 2016.

It will keep increasing its body infinitely. I am quite confident that in 5 years, the company will pay us $57-60 monthly and within another 5 years the company will pay us $75-$80 or even higher monthly. That’s how reliable and predictable high quality dividend income companies provide their returns to you even though you do nothing to collect them. Just buy, forget and collect dividends forever. Think about it, all of our dividend stocks from my portfolio will get themselves bigger and pay us more every month.

We are definitely on the right track because our dividend incomes increased by hundreds dollars every year.


When you see 2014 VS 2015 dividend income, the result is extraordinary.

Total dividend income in 2014= $820

Total dividend income in 2015= $3968

That’s $3,148 growth year over year. That’s additional $260 per month working for us that get our portfolio bigger. Great job to myself, my wife and our moral supporting doggy. We are doing great!


We bought more stocks recently that boosting our dividend income.

As we posted, we purchased and added Black Diamond Group and Potash into our dividend portfolio in November 2015. That added $875 annually to our dividend income stream.

In January 2016 we bought Dream office REIT and Orvana Group which will add $781 of dividends annually to our dividend income streams.

The purchases will make us stronger every time.


Track your net worth. You will see astonishing result within no time as you are more focused than ever!

We will keep buying when opportunities are out there in the market. I see many opportunities lately due to the crash of the oil and other commodities prices which is just perfect for me. As you may know, it did not take too long to build this portfolio. When I started this blog (a year ago), our net worth was around 80K (excluding my car) and that only provided us less than $2,000 of annualized dividend income. However, now it provides predictable $7,000 of annualized dividend income per year and that number will always go up. Amazing huh?

As I mentioned several times, building your dividend portfolio isn’t very difficult. See the following links for excellent ways to save money and invest.

Check out my portfolio page to see what stocks I own and the following article for more investment tips-How to Simply Invest and Get Richer for Dummies in 8 Easy Steps.

If you are also a dividend investor like me, then you should check out the following page to see how other dividend investors are doing. You won’t regret a moment of reading their valuable and inspirational articles. Blogroll



Hope my real cash dividend income updates inspire anyone who is dreaming of becoming financially independent. I am not there yet but I am happy to share where I am and where I will be headed along the journey to be a millionaire thus financially more independent.  Don’t dream on winning lottery or a jackpot from your local casino. That’s not going to happen to you. Dream on something that is so real that you can catch it after executing easy passive income strategies. It is not going to take very long to see the results and I am sure you can do it as well. All you need is a strong commitment for your future. Start your first step right now and come along for the million-dollar journey. Hang in there because your loved ones got your back (and me  )





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