June 2015 Net Worth Update: $130,246 (-$88, -0.07%) 12

Dream-Big-and-Dare-toMy day job is still dragging me hard in terms of working hours. Lots of executives and managers are replaced from the company due to lower than expected performance of the Company which made my job very tough as a manager of the accounting department. However, I see this crisis as a great opportunity to shine so I am more focused than usual. 😉

When things are more settled from my day job, I will work toward being a facilitator of future CPA courses by the end of 2015. I love and enjoy teaching and I strongly believe I can learn from CPA students as well. The courses will be held during weekends and I am quite excited to keep up withnew accounting standards and interact with CPA students. I have been on that road before and I hope that I could help them to become a CPA and help myself to diversify my income stream and gain networking opportunities.

As I mentioned, I restructured my portfolio to have less US stocks last month. The portfolio used to consist of 70% US stocks and 30% Canadian stocks but I rebalanced it as about 70% Canadian stocks and 30% US stocks. I sold VTI and converted US dollars to Canadian dollars by using Reverse Norbert’s Gambit spending only $20 instead of $1,000 for the conversion. If you are a Canadian investor, you must want to know how to convert dollars cheaply. I purchased so many depressed Canadian stocks from the proceeds and loved the moments of when my orders were filled. Can’t find a better feeling when I became owners of so many solid dividend paying companies. I will let you know what I purchased when I find time to write.

This is my fifth 2015 net worth update. Net worth update is posted monthly to keep track of the progress of my journey to become a millionaire. I believe anyone can be a millionaire with good saving habits and smart investing plans. If you would like to join the journey, please like my Facebook page and subscribe your email for free updates. I started this blog in August 2014 and my net worth has been grown by 64% so far from $79,352 to $130,246 which shows average monthly growth of $4,626. Keep it steady and slowly which is the key to become a millionaire.201506 graph

June 2015 has been an ok month for me in terms of net worth as the net worth was decreased by $88 (0.07%). My portfolio dropped by $3K this month due to Greek crisis. 😥 Well I will see this as a good opportunity to buy more dividend stocks that are on discount so I will jump right in with an available capital. Interestingly, this is the first time my net worth decreased since I started this blog. I will cry a bit but won’t quit this journey 🙁



My cash balance decreased from $5,178 to $1,921 during the month. My credit card debt is at around $1,400 which is the level that I am quite comfortable of. I am close to debt free and I like it that way. I just love the feeling of keeping my credit card balance low as I feel empowered to be debt free.201506 networth summary

My majority of cash is sitting in President choice Debit account. I use it for the most of the money transfer, bill payments, cheques etc… as there is no transaction fee in this amazing card. Due to its partnership with CIBC bank, I can use their extensive CIBC ATMs network which is awesome. Their customer service is great as well.

I use TD bank card as well which is mainly used for investment fund transfer purpose as it is connected to TD warehouse brokerage account which gives me some convenience of transferring fund and invest. Check out the following section to see what credit cards and debit cards options we have in US and Canada.


My wife purchased Westjet stocks by using non-registered investment account and it is currently at $3,450. Our TFSA has decreased by 3% from $83,778 to $81,519. As I mentioned, I will post what I purchased by using the proceeds from disposition of VTI when things at my work are settled. Our RRSP was maintained at around $45,000.

Checkout the following section for more investment tips- Investing


Credit card

We tried to minimize spending over last couple of months and it worked out pretty well. We use Capital one Costco credit card as it gives us 3% cash back on restaurants (6% on first 3 months). I spend about $500 per month on my team meals at work so that would be $15 ($30 for first 3 months) cash back per month. Remember. Everything adds up.

We also have MBNA cash back card that we use mainly for grocery and gas for 2% cash back and everything else for 1% cash back (5% on first 6 months) without any annual fee. Unlike capital one cash back card and all other cash back cards out there, MBNA card is well beyond expectation. First of all, MBNA pays cold hard cash back (not points toward purchasing goods and services) and secondly, MBNA directly deposits the cash right away to your bank when it hits $50 mark. That’s great as I don’t have to wait until the end of the year to collect cash. Check out the following links if you are interested in getting awesome credit cards like MBNA and Capital one credit cards.

US residents

Canadian residents



We have been tightening up spending. We set up two major rules and following religiously so far.

  1. My wife added some more healthy option after watching some documentary films about how chickens, milk cows etc… are raised so we have been purchasing quality organic ingredients, cook home meals most of time and go out and enjoy restaurant meal once a month together in a mutually agreed restaurant.
  2. We shop at Costco once a month for majority of grocery (They are always fresh and love their AAA beef so much for very attractive prices) then for urgent needs, my wife goes grocery nearby our place for eggs, milks, vegetable and fruits as in need basis. Our monthly grocery budget is $500 per month. I know it is high for just two people but we love healthy and good quality food and I am a meateatarian.
  3. We will keep being frugal on all other expenditures. See the following links for excellent ways to save money.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s net worth update. Remember, if you haven’t, set your saving & investing plans up and try to see how much net worth you have reached as of now and how much it has fluctuated in the past. Knowing where you are and where you will be headed will be a great starting point to be a millionaire and retire comfortably. Hang on there. I will be on the journey with you.bill gates

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12 thoughts on “June 2015 Net Worth Update: $130,246 (-$88, -0.07%)

    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      This month wasn’t as good as I hoped for as Greek crisis hit me hard two days ago however I was able to maintain my net worth from frugal saving. Thanks for stopping by R2R

  • FI Monkey

    Personally, I’m happy about the Greek crisis because it was a small taste of how bad things could have been and I feel like it helped me to test my resolve. Thankfully, I was able to see it as an opportunity and not much of a crisis at all — at least for my personal finances! And that’s pretty much the case throughout the FI community.

    Feels good.


  • Dividend Digger

    Slick move on purchasing more Canadian Equity, I know that’s what my plan will be even if investors keep being bearish, its our perseverance that pays off. I guess we can both apply the principles of Cha-muh. 😉

    Take care man


    • Be Smart Rich Post author

      The valuation of the Canadian market seemed attractive at the time and it still is which gives us perfect opportunities to jump in and buy more quality stocks at attractive prices. Thanks for stopping by Ace.


  • No More Waffles


    Lots of things moving in your portfolio! What impresses me most is that you managed to basically keep your net worth steady even with the slumping markets. That shows how good you’ve become at saving a large portion of your income.