How to kill at job interview 11

100561141I am sure you have some interview experiences and prepared for the interviews by going through expected questions and responses at some point. I will touch base on those in later post but I want to focus on the basic behavioral tips based on my experience from the interviewer perspective as I learned a lot while interviewing people to fill in some openings for my financial reporting department.

Here are the tips to make the interviewers like you to work with them.

  • Good clean appearance-Keep your hair short and facial hair neat. Get the job first and be creative later. Don’t wear strong cologne or perfume
  • Arrive early and make a trip to restroom to prevent sweaty hands and see whether you are ready.
  • Firm handshake and show your confidence- You are the expert on what you do however don’t be too cocky. Balancing out is very important.
  • Be honest and avoid cliché- Interviewers can easily feel whether you are bullxxxxing or not. For example- cliché is like “What is your weakness?” “I am a perfectionist so I sometimes spend too much time on xxx however I overcame my weakness by xxx”
  • Maintain positive attitude and Smile. Smile. Smile (Truthfully). People like happy people.
  • Maintain great posture and eye contact. Don’t too stare at the interviewers
  • Avoid talking about salary unless being asked. If asked, then tell what you currently make. Also avoid talking about benefits. It is not too late to check until you get the offer letter.
  • Avoid sensitive issues such as politics, religions etc…
  • Never badmouth on your current employer. You are first to be out if you do.
  • Your posture should be open (i.e. do not cross your arms) and show your palms often when talking. Do not lean on anything.

The fact that you got the interview indicates that the interviewers like what you have done with your previous jobs and education. The most important thing they would look for is whether your personality and attitude would best match with the interviewers and the working environment. Simply if you satisfy them with “Do I want to work with that person? Do I like him/her to be around me?” questions, then you will be golden. Remember scoring job from the interview is all about your first impression.

Hope the attached video from FastCompany relaxes you before the big day! Go get it tiger!



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