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I cut off my cable about several years ago. Netflix was more than sufficient for anything I wanted to watch. Still, I missed local news, prime time shows, sports and the luxury of turning on the TV and watch whatever is on or listening to it on the background while helping my wife in the kitchen, doing the dishes, cooking, taking out garbage, vacuuming, mopping the floor or all kinds of house work that my boss assigned me to do. My favorite time of the day to watch (or listen) TV is in the morning while I am getting ready to work and after a long day of work, supper, a glass of wine or can of beer and fall asleep on my recliner with my dog and wife altogether.

Luckily, I am able to watch almost everything I need to watch by getting a great over the air antenna to plug into the TV. I got about 13 local Toronto channels, some Newyork, Buffalo and Boston channels all for free in crystal clear uncompressed HD quality. How many you get depends on how close you are to TV transmission towers. I was able to save $70+tax / month, $1,000/year which is about 2-3 month of free grocery for my family.

All I needed was Philips SDV1125T/27 antenna which is only $16 from and if you are American then it is only $10. You may need to adjust several buttons and change the location of the antenna or TV to get more channels from the air but it is all worth it.

The links are below.

In US-Philips SDV1125T/27 Indoor HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM Antenna

In Canada-Philips SDV1125T/27 Indoor Passive HDTV/UHF/VHF/FM Digital TV Antenna

There’s no one size fits all solution and you may be able to get more channels by purchasing more expensive, greater ranged indoor and outdoor antenna from Amazon but for me the Philips is more than sufficient for my need. Enjoy Saving $1,000 per year. The key of being financially independent is to keep saving and investing wisely while you are getting rich steadily.

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