Net Worth Update- 2014 November +7%

Net worth November 2014Warm greetings from BeSmartRich for those of you who are new to my website. This is Net Worth Update and it is posted monthly to keep track the progress of my journey to become a millionaire. I believe anyone can be a millionaire with right habits and smart investing plans. If you would like to join the journey, please like my facebook page and subscribe on your right.

November 2014 has been another great month for me. Total net worth went up by 7%. Keep it steady and slowly! First and foremost, I broke $100,000 net worth this month. Yay!!!! I cannot believe how fast it has been moving up. I will be celebrating this with my wife and my greyhound with wine and Korean BBQ frugally. My main investments are comprised of VTI and VCE and both of them went up by whooping 2.4% and 2.2% respectively over the month which grew my TFSA and RRSP over $2,000. Even though I intend to hold them for at least a couple of years which should make me feel indifferent to short term fluctuations, I feel great when my investments perform well.



It has been great. I received my last month rent back from my previous landlord. The place had some issues so I emailed the landlord explaining the issues and wanted to move out a month earlier than the contacted period. The landlord decided to refund the last month rent to minimize the noises that I may make if they don’t give me the refund. In addition to the refund, I paid only a half month rent for November 2014 (lease inducement deal). All those extra savings were used to buying additional stocks this month.



Both VTI and VCE growth for the month were great. How awesome it would be if they grow like this indefinitely. Haha well… Just day dreaming here. I don’t know how high they are going to end up this year but I am very confident that the economy will always improve in the long run and so will the index funds.

As I mentioned, I have been looking into several oil& gas stocks for a while and decided to jump in Penn West Exploration as I believe they had gone through several ordeals for last couple of years and finally they are in good hands. I purchased about less than 1000 stocks at $4.84 (by contributing to my wife’s TFSA) but now they are down even further at 4.07 as of November 28 2014 due to OPEC leaving oil output unchanged. Because of the OPEC’s decision and various issues most of the oil companies stocks dropped by 5-40% for last couple of weeks. It may mean opportunities to add some more oil companies stocks in their portfolio for some people if they are willing to take some risks.


Credit card

I signed up Capital one Costco credit card as it gives me 3% cash back on restaurants (6% on first 3 months) I spend about $500 per month on my team meals at work so that would be $15 ($30 for first 3 months) cash back per month. Remember. Everything adds up.

I also have MBNA cash back card which I will be using mainly for grocery (2% cash back) and everything else (even in Costco) for 1% cash back. I have Visa card that I don’t use but kept for places that do not accept master card.

I decided to stop using Costco Amex card as the Capital one credit card will be replacing this one. This year’s cash back from the card that I just received was $94.86. Good Bye for good Amex. It has been good.



We spent a bit too much money this month. My dog was sick so we took her to a vet and the vet brought 3 different bills. $400 for checkup, blood testing and meds. $600 for everything from $400 bill plus one x-ray and $800 for plus two x-rays. What the heck… I felt that the vet was charging way too much money by holding my unlimited love toward my dog as a hostage but I had to suck up and pay the bill. Well…My wife and I have been researching for pet insurance now.


Hope you enjoyed this month’s net worth update. Remember, if you haven’t, set your saving & investing plans up and try to see how much net worth you have reached as of now and how much it has fluctuated in the past. Knowing where you are and where you will be headed will be a great starting point to be a millionaire. Hang on there. I will be on the journey with you.  Have you enjoyed the post? Then share the post with your facebook friends, like my facebook page and subscribe on your right.


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