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In this section, I wanted to share with you all the incredible personal finance books that I have read for 2 hours daily commute for last one year which made me have Eureka moment. I loved reading and it had been actually one of my favorite things to do when I was growing up. However due to more and more distractions are developed, I kinda stopped reading for a couple of years and recently I found myself enjoy reading books again. I moved to Toronto about a year ago and commuting by subway forced me to read while heading to work as I had not so many things to do other than reading newspapers. I loved newspapers but most of time, I found I did not have much room to read as subway is very crowded in the morning.

At first, I tried contemporary novels but I lost focus and bored with it then I tried detective novels but again I got fed up. Then One day, just Rich dad Poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki showed up out of nowhere and I got hooked instantly. After reading about 20-30 personal finance books during the year, I can strongly recommend you that Rich dad Poor dad is your best first step. I don’t want to spoil the book telling you all about it. Just buy the book for $10 and I guarantee that this will teach you so many valuable golden rules that you just wish you knew 10 years ago. Don’t worry. It is never too late and you can still make it a go and be a millionaire.

“Poor people work for money. Rich people have their money work for them – Rich Dad” Do you know what this mean?  There are so many people just work and live day by day. They may bring $3,000 after tax after working very hard but spend most of it and may be going overboard of spending more by using credit cards then paying interest on interest to bank. All of that will only make your bank richer and not doing any favour to yourself. Stop the madness and buy income generating assets which is the key to become a millionaire.  Get out of the rat race as Robert calls it. Why are you working so harder and harder year after year when you could put 5-10% of your salary away and buy income generating assets? Once you purchase those assets, your money will work harder than you are to make you more money than you can imagine. What can be income generating assets? mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs etc…  The book will teach you so much more than above.


Have you read Rich dad Poor dad? What is your favorite quote from it? If you haven’t read it then go order it from Amazon. I guarantee that will be your best $10 ever spent moment.

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