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I arrived in Canada, my land of opportunity, back in July 2006 right after completing my military service. I endured 2 years golden time of my life in one of toughest military in the world so I had full of confidence and was extremely happy to be out of the military and be a civilian. Living in a totally different country was tough but exciting as I learned something new every day.

I had no English skills, was very shy and quiet and knew no one but myself. I studied in a language school and worked as dish washer and pawn shop assistant at first making less than minimum wage. If I think about it now, I was taken an advantage by the employers due to the fact that I spoke poor English and was a fresh foreign worker without a university degree although I was happy to make some money to pay grocery and rent and not touching my savings.

That was me 8 years ago. Is my English still poor? Am I still a high school graduate? Am I still making less than minimum wage? No… Currently, I work with a TSX company and have a managerial position in the accounting toronto-164813_1280department. I am nobody compared to all the successful people who sold their companies for billions but I want to share all the tips that I know with you regarding how a regular or a less than a regular guy like me has a dream to be a millionaire and getting closer every day.

If you are an immigrant, then your language skills are the most important skills that you will have to learn to be successful. Read through other posts in this section and live with tips 24/7.

Once you determined that your language skills are fluent enough ,your education degree is a ‘must-have’ unless you want to start your business. However you will need initial investment to start your business so go get your degree then work for someone else to save up enough money to do whatever you want.

In the near future I want to share tips on resume, cover letter, interview, necessary skills, office politics etc… to get you where you want to be. I also want to learn from you on this area so feel free to share your ideas.

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