Money saving tips Introduction

I have always been frugal and always been raised that way. I was being loved in slightly different way than most of the kids that were growing up around. My dad bought me a new jeans when I was 11 years old and that was the first and the last clothing that my parent ever bought me when I was growing up. Most of the kids where I am from (Seoul, Korea) were doing pretty well and I was jealous. Instead of being sad and doing nothing I started working when I was 13 years old and learned the power of money.

My first pay cheque was $150 by delivering newspaper on bicycle for a month for 1.5 hours everyday really early in the morning (5am-6am) and I was thrilled. I was just 13 years old and with $150, I could do so many things that I could have only imagined at that time.

Because of the early lessons that I learned, I started to save money and they were all invested into my University education in Canada and I got the best out of it. My strong advice to you guys is to invest in yourself if you haven’t because it really pays off as you progress with your career. Look at Education and Career section for more info and look further of this section to see how you could be rich even if you don’t make lots of money and check out the subsections of the Money saving tips for how anyone can be richer everyday by saving and living frugally.

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