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Here is my first net worth update post. I am very excited for this. Haha

I am in the process of moving my and my wife’s TD mutual funds investment accounts to TD Waterhouse accounts as I realized that we were paying so much for the management fee every month. Although I enjoyed the fairly satisfactory performance over the years I think the funds could have done better. I had so much drama of opening the accounts and requesting the in-kind transfer with TD but I think it is coming to an end soon.

I am thinking of purchasing Vanguard ETFs tomorrow for my wife which is quite exciting.

As you can see I don’t have any debt other than credit card operating debt as we are not planning to purchase a house yet. The housing prices in Toronto is ridiculous and hopefully the correction comes soon although the bank of Canada does not seem to increase the rate anytime soon. Apparently this consistently lower rate was last seen like 1950s in Canada.

Compared to Aug 11 2014 our investments(both RRSP and TFSA) went up by $1,100 which was excellent and hope this trend continues even after I purchase ETFs. Other than injecting 10k more in the investment, nothing much happened in August 2014.

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7 thoughts on “First net worth update +5%

  • Mr.smiley face

    Great start on your net worth. How old are you? I am getting close to mortgage free life and I just can’t wait to put more money into the stock market.